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Monday, April 18, 2011

Brand new patio accused of attempted murder - Get the Posigrip Solution!

The beautiful 800 square foot patio at 900 Melody Lane has been taken into custody today.  It seems that after a recent rain shower, the patio attempted to kill the home owner.  The coated concrete surface worked with an accomplice (water from the shower) to create an invisible patch that worked like black ice.

The homeowner, taking his morning coffee outside, stepped on that small wet patch and was violently thrown to the ground striking his head on the steps.  Now recovering in the local hospital, he furiously demanded that something be done.

Short of wearing football padding and helmets full time, is there any way to protect ourselves from these criminally violent surfaces?  The answer is yes.  But it requires professional treatment.

To turn one of these slick surfaces away from their violent path, we must turn to the professionals.  A professional from Posigrip® can take any floor surface and turn it into a warm, beautiful and safe place to be.

The treatment, although gentle, does actually alter the molecular structure of the surface, turning that slick floor into a Velcro® like gripping surface.  Safety is everyone’s concern and a Posigrip® treatment will dramatically increase the safety and security of your home or business.

Don’t let another day go by worrying about the potential slip and fall accident in your home.  Call your local Posigrip® representative and get back that feeling of security we all want.www.posigrip.com

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