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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Posigrip Home

I was thinking the other day that if I were to buy one of the popular burger franchises it would cost well over 1 million dollars and probably close to 2 million dollars and I would be responsible for paying it back.  One of the problems I have with that is that the loan would likely be tied to a bank and thats what really bothers me.  You see I really don't like banks anymore and believe the further I stay away from them the better off I am because it seems that they're always trying to figure out a way to keep your money and so I find very few redeeming qualities about any financial institution.
When I think of a way to invest in a business I believe that companies like Posigrip have a real value to them because they are a real business and within days or weeks can return the investment so you can start working on profit.

I think about the how many burgers I would have to sell at $1 each and the amount of goods I would have to carry of which half are perishable. Sure I can carry insurance if the good perish or God forbid get some kind of strange bacteria, but Im dealing with banks again.   I think of the employee problems and turn-over associated with the fast food industry as a whole and the workers comp insurance and the liability insurance costs that are not going anywhere but up.  Im happy with Posigrip and Im glad that the insurance costs for liability are below $1000 a year and no problem with employees because I can make as much or more money than a burger restaurant while keeping my hours to a minimum.  There are lots of businesses out there and they are good businesses that provide well for families across this great Nation and beyond.  If I see an industry that gives more than Posigrip does for less then I know that the guy or gal who invested in that company received his moneys worth.  I found a home here with Posigrip and I feel good that I made the right choice to do this but like any decision thats foreign and out of my element it did not come without hesitation and apprehensive and sleepless nights worrying about whether or not I would survive or my kids would eat. In in the end Im home with Posigrip.  

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