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Monday, May 2, 2011

Wanted - Kitchen of 1234 Main Street for questioning in homeowner assault.

Police report that the Kitchen at 1234 Main Street is being held for questioning in the recent assault on the owner.   The homeowner is in St. Agnes hospital recovering from a broken leg and separated shoulder.  He claims the kitchen actually assaulted him while he was doing the dishes last Friday.

According to the police report, John Smith (owner) was washing dishes and as he turned to reach for the towel to dry his frying pan, the kitchen reached out and made him slip, sending him flying to the floor.  Mrs. Smith remains in seclusion and wouldn’t speak to reporters.

Although this tale is fiction, the sense of it is absolutely true.  Kitchens are the second most dangerous rooms in the home and probably should be arrested for assault.  Like bathrooms, it is almost impossible to keep from spilling some slippery liquid on the floor and if not cleaned up immediately, a treacherous patch of floor just lurks ready to wreak havoc on your health.

Well, the security team from Posigrip® is on call to change all that.  With just one visit, a Posigrip® technician can remove all possibility of treachery on the part of your kitchen.  That’s right, we will stop these assaults before they occur and make your kitchen the safe-haven that it was designed to be.

One Posigrip® treatment gives years of security.  Call your local Posigrip® representative today and bring back that sense of security we all want in our homes.

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