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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Insurance Company Actuaries Puzzled by Recent Drop In Slip & Fall Accident Claims

I keep waiting for this headline to appear in the Wall Street Journal. 

We’ve been working diligently throughout the country for nearly 20 years to make this a reality.  Posigrip®, as a company, is dedicated to increasing the safety of every home and business in America and throughout the world.  We have had great success in our commercial applications often reducing the occurrence of slip and fall accidents to zero, even in high traffic environments like restaurants.

Take a look at what one Dunkin Donuts Franchisee had to say:

“Before the floor was treated my employees were slipping on spills that would occur during the normal course of the day. I am happy to say we have not had any slip/fall accidents in the six months since. I am highly satisfied with the increased safety for our customers and employees and would recommend treatment to any business that is concerned with the safety of customers and staff.”

We produce the same results in both commercial and home applications.  We all know there are shady personal injury lawyers and even physicians who are always on the lookout for a slip and fall accident.  Even though this type of case usually settles out of court the monetary losses produced by dishonest people are not the most significant problem.  The larger problem is the lost time for employees and customers (from their jobs.) 

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