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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finding a New Job is Easier in Texas!

Net new jobs created since the recession ended in June 2009 through April 2011.  The total new jobs created in that time period was 722,000.  Texas got 265,000 of those.

So, what’s the point?  If you live in Texas your chances of finding a job are better than in any other state.  There are many reasons cited for Texas being in this position but in reality a problem still exists.  If you have a job and work for someone else you still have no security for your future.

Businesses are not loyal to their employees, but rather to their investors.  If moving you job overseas will improve the bottom line then that is what will happen.  The only solution to creating a truly secure future is to take charge of your own financial destiny.

Launch your own business and you can lock in a secure future, IF, that business has a simple and successful model to follow.  The reason franchises are far more successful is the systems are all in place, follow them and you can make a success of starting a new business.  By the same token Franchises are also expensive to get into.  There are initial fees, royalties, annual ongoing fees to deal with. 

At Posigrip® we provide a relatively turn-key business model with a very low initial investment and no ongoing franchise fees or royalties.  You can build a secure financial future for you and your family by becoming a Posigrip® operator right in your local area.

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