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Monday, April 25, 2011

The worst dinner party ever...

I recently heard from a friend about her sister’s latest dinner party.  Her guests were all gathered around the dining room table anxiously awaiting her famous lasagna.  She pulled the casserole dish out of the oven and started toward the dining room; the heavy dish held carefully with two pot holders.  Suddenly she found herself literally airborne and the casserole dish (thankfully) flying out of her hands towards the floor.

Luckily she wasn’t injured but the heavy casserole dish shattered on contact and actually cracked two marble tiles.  The culprit was her daughter who had spilled a small amount of water when she was filling glasses and didn’t realize it. 

Although this type of accident occurs every day all across the country, the truth is, it is entirely avoidable. 

Beautiful tile floors everywhere will turn into skating rinks when just a few drops of water are spilled upon them.  In kitchens, this is simply unavoidable.  However, with one simple, quick Posigrip® application, your kitchen floor can be made as safe as if you were walking on carpet. 

The Posigrip® floor treatment system actually bonds, at a molecular level, with the surface of your flooring.  Without changing the appearance of that tile or marble floor, you can have the best non-slip surface available anywhere.

Call your local Posigrip® representative today and take the worry out of cooking dinner.


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