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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Broken-Hips –Take a Holiday

Inspired by the movie titled, Death Takes a Holiday, we’re letting you know about the amazing results with the Posigrip® floor treatment.  Serious slip and fall accidents can truly become a thing of the past for anyone including the elderly when they have their kitchen and bathroom floors treated by a Posigrip® operator.

If you have aging parents who are independent and live alone, don’t you think you’d have more peace of mind knowing that you could provide them a far safer place to live?  

There is probably nothing more frightening to someone than to fall and not be able to call for help.  Think about it, most slip and fall accidents at home will occur where the chance for a wet floor is the greatest – the bathroom, the tub or shower and the kitchen.  This worry can be removed in one easy step.

One call to your local Posigrip® operator and a fully trained technician will be dispatched to the address you select.  This simple process will give you a priceless gift.  The knowledge you have done everything you can to help protect your loved ones from slip and fall accidents.

And keep in mind the treatment goes down in one, quick application and has a two year warranty.

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