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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bathrooms being questioned as “rooms-of-interest” in recent rash of assaults.

A local gang of bathrooms is being investigated in the recent rash of assaults in the Pine Bluff neighborhood.  To date, there have been two broken hips, three strained backs and multiple bruised bottoms attributed to this band of Pine Bluff Bathrooms.

Although I’m trying to entertain you, the truth is, there are over 1,000,000 slip and fall accidents each year in bath-rooms.  Simply put, this makes your bathroom the most dangerous room in your home. 

The technical measurement of slipperiness of a surface is its COF (Coefficient of Friction).  This measurement runs from 0.00 to 1.0,  1 being a non slip surface and 0 being a no-friction surface.

When water covers a walking surface, it does not compress like air.  That is the actual reason slip and fall accidents occur.  When your foot comes into contact with the water on a hard surface, it effectively hydroplanes across the surface.   The flooring’s coefficient of friction drops close to that of ice - 0.00.

Obviously hydroplaning is far more common where water is regularly present.  What room in your house is almost guaranteed to have water on the floor?  It is impossible to have a bathroom where there is no water splashed, dropped, or spilled each time it is used.

We have a solution.  The Posigrip® treatment allows us, in one application, to actually alter the surface of your flooring, dramatically increasing the coefficient of friction without changing the appearance of the material treated.  That’s right, your beautiful terrazzo tile will look exactly like it did when first installed, except now, it will be no more slippery than dry concrete. 

Call your local Posigrip® representative today and make your bathroom a non slip bathroom
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